Double-Sided Mug - Furbabies

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - WE DON'T SHIP YOUR MUG UNTIL YOU APPROVE THE DESIGN. We have a review process built on customer satisfaction! You get unlimited revisions as we will work until you LOVE (not like) the final design!

Create a one of a kind sip with our carefully designed custom artwork on our high quality coffee mug! When you order the mug, our world-class artists will design a custom illustration JUST for you and your pet(s)! You can sip your morning coffee with a smile on your face as you are reminded of your fur-mily.

On one side, you get a custom illustration of your pet(s), you and your pet(s), whatever you want! And then on the other side, you get an amazing design as you see in the photos above. 

NOTE: Please submit an individual photo of each person and pet you'd like included in the illustration. Or, feel free to include multiple people and/or pets in one photo. For example, you could submit:

  • An individual photo of each person and pet; or
  • One photo that includes some of the people and/or pets and then additional photos that include the rest (e.g., a photo of two people and then individual photos of the pets); or
  • One photo that includes everyone

You can also wait to submit your photos after you order with a Furesque rep! And we cannot emphasize enough - do not stress over your photos! You can change them later and our artists will work their magic and you review the design before we print, frame, and ship. During the review, you get as many revisions as needed and can even choose to try new photos.


1) Submit Your Photo(s): Based on the product and number of pets and people you'd like in the photo, upload an individual photo for each pet and person. Or, feel free to include multiple people/pets in one photo - we just need to make sure all people/pets are accounted for. 

2) Custom Artwork: Sit back and relax while our team of artists create a personalized illustration of the photo(s) you submitted. We turn these around as quick as possible but since we create them specific to you it can take up to a week or so at time!

3) Review and Approve: Once your draft design is ready, we send for your review. We will do an unlimited number of revisions until you LOVE (not like) the final product. We do not ship the product until you are 100% satisfied!

4) Happiness: Once you've approved your illustration we will ship it right to your door. We print and ship everything from the US so it arrives super quick, and you're kept updated throughout the shipping process.

At Furesque, we have the world's best artists and designers who will hand craft a personal illustration for you. However, the most crucial aspect is the quality of the image you upload.

When choosing which photo(s) to use, please follow these guidelines:

  • Good lighting: Photo is in daylight or in a brightly lit room.
  • Quality camera:Use a smartphone or high quality camera and make sure there's no shadows.
  • Visibility:Please make sure the photo shows the entire face and neck.
  • Eye Contact:Make sure the pet or person is looking directly at the camera. If the photo has the pet or person at an angle, that's fine, but we will design the illustration with that angle.
  • Eye Level: It's best if the photo is at eye level with the pet or person.
  • Individual Photos: When purchasing a double-pet or family portrait, please upload individual photos of each person and pet, meaninig they're the only one in the photo. This allows us to clearly understand everyone that needs to be in the photo.
  • Final Product:Collars, leashes, hats, and other cute accessories will be included in your final illustration.

To view some examples of good and bad photos, please click here.



Please see below for an example of how the fonts appear. As you will see, the name of the font is above the portrait and that font is used for this pets name ("Pablo Cheesetart") in the portrait.


Still unsure what font to use? Feel free to contact us.